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Introducing New Tech? Create & Dominate Your Space with SEO

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If you’re a tech company with a new, revolutionary product, you might think that the hard part is over. Certainly, it was no small feat to identify, design, and create your latest technology, which is sure to be a hit among consumers once they recognize its value.

However, the real challenge is in getting your audience to make that connection, which means they must know your product exists, understand its unique affordances, and choose to buy it instead of something similar from a competitor.

This is where successful businesses think strategically about how to compete. Instead of trying to “beat the competition” in an existing, possibly oversaturated market, they create a new market space where there is no competition. And they use SEO to create demand and maximize profits.

Adopt a Blue Ocean Strategy

To create a new market for your latest technology, your main objective is to differentiate your product from others like it in a way that adds value for your customers. This is called a blue ocean strategy because it represents your emergence into wide-open, uncharted territory.

Blue Ocean Strategy Vs. Red Ocean Strategy

As opposed to a red ocean strategy in which companies compete for the same customers by offering very similar products with only slight variations in quality or price, a blue ocean strategy prompts companies to explore untapped markets and to modify their business plans accordingly.

For instance, you might look at substitutions—products from other industries that accomplish the same task but address alternative customer preferences and values. Or you might think more broadly about different buyer groups who interact with your product and what their needs are.

Opportunities to transition into a new market space emerge as you push beyond the boundaries of your industry. This doesn’t mean completely changing who you are. It means making necessary adjustments so that the strengths of your existing product are more visible and better suited for the people who want it.

The Importance of SEO

The Importance of SEO 

Reaching the top of the search engine results page is always easier when you’re in a blue ocean because you get to develop unique search terms that differentiate your product and create new demand. With the help of an expert who understands how to market your unique brand, strengthen the content of your website, and utilize the right set of keywords and phrases, you’ll capture more people’s attention who are more likely to persist all the way through the marketing funnel.

This has several advantages for you:

  • Visibility. An optimized website that builds relevant content with the right keywords and phrases will make your website more visible, which is especially important for potential customers who don’t yet know what your technology is or how they might benefit. It creates demand by drawing users to your website where they can learn more.
  • Credibility. When your website ranks high among trusted search engines, it builds credibility for your business, which in turn, increases the likelihood that others will link to your site from their blog or company page.
  • Efficiency. SEO doesn’t just bring traffic to your site. Because keywords are built around topics of interest instead of demographics, you’re more likely to capture a range of audiences with an interest in your product. It’s an efficient way to communicate with a variety of potential buyers.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Working with an expert to optimize your website is much more cost-effective than other forms of marketing, and it doesn’t cost anything to have Googlebots scan and index your site so that it displays organically on a results page.
  • Metrics. SEO allows you to gather data about users’ experiences on your site. This includes site ranking as well as how many people visited a page, how long they stayed on a page, and whether they navigated to different parts of the site. This is extremely helpful as you try to understand users’ experiences and make improvements to your site.
  • Enhanced website usability. SEO creates a better sense of organization and navigation for our website, which not only makes it easier for Googlebots to scan, but easier for potential customers to navigate and to find the information they need.
  • Higher sales. It’s worth pointing out that if your website is more visible to the right people and they have a positive experience while navigating your site, they are more likely to persist through the marketing funnel to actually purchase your product. The more effective your SEO, the higher your sales will be.

The important work of SEO never stops. Even if you are a pioneer of the industry with your latest technology, it’s crucial to maintain your brand and your rankings with ongoing optimization.

Clearly, having a great product is only half of the battle when it comes to marketing your tech and experiencing high profit margins. By adopting a blue ocean strategy and optimizing your website, you can develop significant, lasting growth for your company.

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