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How to Get More Leads to Your Site

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If you were to ask a panel of business owners what they want the most, what do you think they’d say? It’s likely that the response would unilaterally be, “More customers.” While that may be the first response, the same panel may universally agree that attracting more people to their websites was another highly desirable outcome. Because getting more people to visit your website can be useful in attracting more customers, it’s certainly worthwhile to do a few things to increase your site’s traffic.


While tactics like search engine optimization usually take time to produce results, others can yield results almost immediately. Paid advertisements have the potential to increase your site’s traffic quickly. You need to adjust your paid strategies so that they suit your specific goals. Doing so will help you choose the paid channels that will yield the most promising results.

Use Social Media for Promotion

There isn’t much point to producing great content if no one knows about it, is there? It’s imperative for you to promote your content on social media if you want to drive an increased amount of traffic to your website. To use social media to promote your content effectively, you need to figure out which platforms your target audience uses most often and use those channels to engage and interact with your followers regularly.

Mix Up Your Content

It’s unlikely that all of the members in your target audience will prefer to consume content in the same format. For this reason, it’s important for you to mix up the formats you use to share content. Rather than only sharing short, news-like articles, incorporate some long-form content into your marketing strategy. Don’t stick with just text, either. Use infographics and videos in your content marketing as well.

Mind Your On-Page SEO

Make sure that your site takes into account recent Google algorithm updates, including the mobile first index. Check the page loading speed and update the elements to ensure the website is responsive. Image alt text, backlinks, internal links, meta descriptions, and presenting content in a manner that’s easy for search engines to crawl should all be parts of your on-page SEO efforts.

Measure Your Existing Lead Generators

If you already have touchpoints that are generating traffic, you should measure their effectiveness using a tool like mcm Website Grader. Website Grader will review your current lead generation sources and offer feedback about how you can improve your content so that these sources generate even more traffic.

Speak with a Lead Generation Expert

Guest Blog

Guest blogging can be a highly effective way to steer more traffic in the direction of your website. The key to guest blogging successfully is to only prepare guest posts for reputable websites and to write posts that set you up as an authority in your field. Be warned – if you write guest posts for spammy or disreputable sites, guest blogging has the very real potential to work against your goal of increasing the traffic that visits your website.

Let Our SEO Agency Handle Your Inbound Marketing

If you want to increase your website’s traffic, you should look over our inbound marketing plans and individual digital marketing services. As you’ll see, we have a digital solution that will successfully drive more traffic to your website at an affordable price. To learn more about what our SEO agency can do to increase the number of people who visit your website, contact My Creative Mark now.

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