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5 Critical Components of Crafting a Cohesive Content Strategy

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Crafting content for your business doesn't magically happen. You can't attract customers to your company via content marketing without attention to detail and a cohesive game plan. If you want revenue from the soon-to-be 313 billion dollar content marketing industry to be yours, it is imperative you create a detailed content strategy. Integrate the following critical components into your business' content marketing strategy and you will be on your way toward increased consumer interactions with your brand.


Your content must have a specific purpose if it is to drive conversions for your brand. Without a clear understanding of the purpose of each piece of content your business creates, you won't be able to accurately measure conversions and ROI (return on investment). Whether a brand asset is meant to increase brand awareness, announce a product, spotlight a customer service feature, or tease an upcoming event, each piece of content offered to your target audience must be purposeful in its intent.


Deciding on a distribution strategy before creating content will help you optimize your content creation efforts for success. When you know which channels your brand will be utilizing to distribute a piece of content, you can optimize your creations for discovery via those channels. Will you be posting your content on LinkedIn? A SlideShare presentation is likely to increase eyeballs on your LinkedIn content. Is Pinterest your preferred distribution channel for new blog posts? A stunning image is critical for Pinterest success. Without a full understanding of your distribution strategy, you can't possibly maximize the potential of your content outreach efforts.

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Similar to having a distribution strategy for your business' content, you also must develop an advertising plan to help promote your content creations. Will you be using banner ads on your website to drive eyeballs to your blog post? Will you be using referral marketing to encourage others to share your content? When you have an advertising strategy in place prior to creating business content, you are better able to target the production of your content for maximum efficiency and speed.


Developing a plan-of-action for the conversations you hope to encourage with your content is another essential component of creating constant content for your brand. Steering the conversation to specific topics helps your business build their thought leadership status and grow brand awareness at the same time. When you incorporate a conversation strategy into your content creation, you can integrate appropriate keywords and phrases to help you drive home your points once your piece is published.

Clear Copy

The quality of your writing has a significant impact on its success rate. You can't offer potential customers mediocre content and expect it to perform well. If you do only one thing to improve your conversion rates, having a talented writer on staff to create clear, quality copy is essential. A top-performing wordsmith will craft copy without extraneous words, proofread for clarity, and will ensure grammar and spelling are on-point. If you want content marketing to work for your company, you cannot skimp on writing talent.

Integrate these five components into your content marketing strategy and you will be impressed at your return on investment. The more precise your outreach strategy, the likelier it is your content will achieve the results you desire. Failure to focus on a cohesive content plan could mean your outreach efforts are all for naught. Will you be clarifying your business' approach to content marketing this year?

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